LAMPIA has worked in the lighting segment for more than 10 years. In its portfolio, the focus is on three divisions: design lighting, technical lighting and tailor-made technical solutions.

Design lighting
Thanks to cooperation with well-known Slovak and foreign designers, glass workshops and lighting studios, we bring local customers unique and stylish lamps, thanks to which ordinary light turns into a work of art. The fascinating craft of hand-blown glass will elevate a home or public space to the level of art. Light installations represent a symbiosis of glass, wood, metal or fabric, using the play of light and colour. Fans of clean and simple design and lovers of challenging and breath-taking installations will find something to their liking.

Technical lighting
Lampia’s other division is focused on the design, sale, and installation of technical lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. We design entire technical lighting installations, whether it is an industrial hall, an office, a sports complex, a public space or a greenhouse for growing agricultural crops.

Tailor-made technical solutions
Specific orders need unique solutions. Our technicians can solve non-standard customer-specific assignments to suit the specific needs of any architectural or residential project, whether it is a technical or design luminaire.