About Fabrika

The idea of the FABRIKA48 project is to cover various business layouts in a unique multifunctional space.


In 1893, the story of the Franck and Sons coffee factory began to be written in Košice, and the story of the building in the former factory complex is still written today. The FABRIKA48 project offers you new offices and retail space in a unique industrial style. The genius loci of this building represents what can no longer be achieved with today’s modern architecture./p>

Restoration of the national cultural monument through the reconstruction of the warehouse building of the former coffee factory offers you representative commercial and administrative premises incomparable to anything you have been used to. The combination of traditional architecture, construction processes and materials used with new technologies has created a unique building on the real estate market, with a commercial function. During the reconstruction, we placed emphasis on the use of renewable resources, the burden on the environment and long-term sustainability. This created a healthy working environment and indoor climate in the interior of the building.


We employed the latest technologies that are currently used in the construction of new-built low-energy and smart buildings in our reconstruction work. In-floor radiant heating, building cooling, heat pumps, air waste heat recovery, a smart electrical installation and water treatment station are among the most important technologies we used in the reconstruction of this more than 100 year-old building. We can responsibly say that the building’s appearance deceives what is below the surface. Buildings constructed in this century have every right to be envious of its technological systems and features.


The uniqueness of our concept lies in the unique installation of all business partners in one place. Clients are sure to find comprehensive solutions to their needs in nearly 1000 m2 of space, including the services of architects, design solutions, interior furnishings, and much more.

The business cooperation between exhibiting partners is a matter of course, which brings many benefits to clients.


klubove, vzdelavacie a prac. prestory

Club, educational and workspaces for individuals and groups

COWORKING Košice - FABRIKA48, prenajmi si vlastné miesto. Pracuj kedy je to pre teba najlepšie. Rezervuj si svoje miesto na www.fabrika48.sk

Three modern representative conference rooms for meetings and workshops

kaviaren a bistro

Café and bistro with a discount for members

multifunkcna sala pre clenov

Multifunctional hall with a discount for co-working members

Odborne, spolocenske a vzdelavacie

Professional, social and educational events for members

sluzby recepcie

Reception services

umiestnenie sidla spolocnosti

Registered office service available for showroom members

internet a tlacove sluzby

High speed internet, printing and copying services

rezervacny system fabrika48

Simple reservation system