Cardinal kuchyne


Production, sales and implementation activities focused on a comprehensive design solution for residential interiors with an emphasis on kitchens


There is no kitchen like a kitchen. At first glance, the same can provide a completely different level of comfort. The difference lies inside! We equip our kitchens with smart internal systems to ensure good organization, efficient storage and the most convenient approach. We provide customers with the opportunity to choose such quality and comfort in the kitchen that our mothers and grandmothers could not have even dreamed of. We offer indoor equipment from renowned global manufacturers such as KESSEBÖHMER, BLUM, HÄFELE, GRASS, VIBO or HETTICH. For the most demanding customers, we also offer systems that allow automatic control of doors or drawers with the help of sensors and an servo-electric drive. You have the opportunity to try out the vast majority of these systems in our sample shops.


From the very beginning, we have focused on three goals: The quality of the design of the work, the quality of the production process and the quality of the service as a whole, with an emphasis on customer feedback. We are aware that in today’s difficult times, it is no longer enough to have production capabilities alone. It is essential that every employee is trained for honest, detail-oriented work, the end result of which is an exceptional product our customer can enjoy for many years.

All CARDINAL KUCHYNE products are carefully designed, tested and tested to ensure their flawless functionality. In all phases, from the selection of raw materials, through the individual production sections to the time the furniture is installed for the customer, precise and strict inspections are carried out on an ongoing basis in order to offer the best product and the best services. The purpose is to deliver a high quality product, and to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Many years of successful operation in the kitchen furniture segment, our stability and growth are proof of the correctness of this philosophy.


We care about the environment in which we live and the condition we will leave it in for our children and future generations. Our company has always been committed to contributing towards improving the environment.
In accordance with the environmental management system, and according to the nature and size of our production processes and related environmental impacts, we enforce our own environmental policy, the main attributes of which are:

  • Strict compliance with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations
  • Precautionary approach rather than follow-up measures to limit negative impacts
  • Environmental impact assessment during the design phase in connection with the introduction of new processes and products and, if possible, the minimisation of negative impacts
  • Ensuring an adequate environmental education program to support the commitment and personal responsibility of each employee at all levels
  • Open communication with the local community and local authorities.

Our company enforces its own environmental policy and expands its content to the outside and inside of the company, by adhering to its principles in the reality of daily operation.

What we provide

CARDINAL-branded kitchens which we produce on-house form the basis of our offer, along with built-in closets and wardrobes made to measure, modern furniture for living rooms, as well as other atypical furniture.