Desk / chair rentals

Monthly desk rentals

Your desk will be reserved for only yourself at all times, which we ensure with a dedicated tag. In the coworking space, you can use the “hot desk” – tables for quick meetings with other users at the centres, or your clients or business partners. In addition, we also offer discounts on purchases at the Bakoš Bistro.

Monthly lump-sum EUR 114 incl. VAT
Conference room rental discount for long-term rentals
Lockable spaces yes
Printing centre yes
Postal agenda yes
Registered office for long-term rentals
Bistro discount for long-term rentals

Daily desk rentals

This variant offers complete flexibility. In town on a business trip and looking for a quiet place to work for a few hours? Looking to change up your work environment, or has the shine worn off of home office? This is the perfect option for you.

Daily rentals EUR 12 incl. VAT
Conference room rental discount no
Lockable spaces no
Printing centre yes
Postal agenda no
Registered office no
Bistro discount no

Reserve your place

Select the best place for you from the floor plan, simply click the space you want to rent and then complete your reservation.
You can pay for your coworking centre stay in our online reservation system.